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ahead, tips for getting that perfect valentine's gift from women themselves. a big step forward a rights in the pacific northwest as the governor of washington signs new legislation. the body of whitney houston makes a cross-country trip in the preparation for funeral arrangements. we also will answer your plant and gardening questions. you can e-mail your >> whitney houston's body will be laid to rest on saturday in the church that she sang at as a child. this will be at the new hope baptist church in newark. the los angeles county coroner's office is trying to downplay that drugs played a major role in the singer's death. she died saturday. she was 40 pence to two high school students are recovering after a third student attacked them with a hammer. -- according to police, the suspect and all the victims have a history of fighting. while gay marriage supporters rallied for legislation here in maryland, same-sex couples and washington state have the right to marry. the governor signed legislation legalizing same-sex marriages yesterday. the law will take effect in june but opponents are
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are in need of loving homes. coming up, hear about a sweet deal to make a small dog your perfect valentine's day gift. >>> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the rain is gone. the sun is back. and the love is in the air for this valentine's day! >> oh, no. >> we'll talk about that coming up. [ laughter ] >>> let's go live to city hall where tony bennett is in the house. the choir is getting ready to become him up as he sings "i left my heart in san francisco." today is the 50th anniversary. liam mayclem is standing by. we'll check in with him live later in the show so stay with us here on cbs 5. >>> meanwhile, bart will be running more federal dollars than expected on the way down to san jose. the president's new budget plan gives the vta $100 million for the current fiscal year and another $150 million for next. groundbreaking on the bart extension from fremont to north san jose slated for april. >>> and more police will be along for the ride apparently. the bay citizen reports that bart will be posting more officers on trains at stations and in the bart pa
photos he avoided seeing in the murder trial. >>> it is valentine's day and the rush is onto make all of those delivers. i am sherrie johnson live with the story coming up. >>> it's valentine's day. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> on facebook we are asking you we have been talking during the break about our valentine's ofyears past some good and some not so good. we are want to know what was the worst valentine's day experience. >>> in the meantime, we will check on the weather with lynette charles. we will get your story later on nile volunteer that information -- >> i will volunteer that information. >> okay. i am teasing. >> let's talk about the weather because maryland's most powerful radar looks a little active but not really. a lot of this you are seeing in northern maryland as of now not hitting the ground. you are looking at wentry mix to the west -- within theory mix to the west of -- wintery mix to the west of westminster. a couple sprinkles mixing in with flurries but we are dry all in all. you have to head to the north into pennsylvania where you are dealing w
will not be walking down the aisle this valentine's day. we'll have more on that story coming up. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> straight up 6:00 on this february 14th. it is tuesday, everyone. valentine's day. ments a little chilly start to your day on the day of love. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. thank you for waking up with us. it is all about love and a little chilly weather. like the chill on a sparkling bottle of wine surrounded by roses a you present them to your loved one on valentine's day. >> you're getting in the mood. >> every day is a day of love in the barnes household. >> notice how i can't take that seriously. >> wisdom knows what i'm talking about. a long morning already. let me show you what i'm talking about. most of the ask is off to the north. and again, this has been no reports of this touching the ground but it is possible you can see a sprinkle or flurry off to the north and west this morning. temperature at reagan national, 39 degrees. 39 now at reagan national. your wind are shifting ornament they are currently out of north and they ar
's booze tuesday, february 14th. it's valentine's day. we want to wish everybody a very happy valentine's day. >> happy, happy valentine's day. >> or it's also called singles awareness day. >> we've all been there and done that. >> that's what's cool about it. we've all been that person who basically is singing, you know, a different kind of song than james was just singing. they're singing -- ♪ all by myself don't want to be ♪ one is the loneliest number and my all-time favorite -- ♪ what's love got to do, got to do with it ♪ >> i like that one. >> can i tell you about my morning? every now and then you have a morning and you say i don't want this morning to end. i had that morning. it's a sweet thing. >> were you alone? >> i go down to our building. my building. i go into the lobby and the doors open and there's jay. and he has on a tuxedo shirt and a tie untied and a tuxedo jacket and pajama bottoms and he's leaning up against the wall. i look at him, and i go i cannot believe he's standing in the lobby. this is a sweet story. >> what time was this? >> 5:00 a.m. i give him a
. on this valentine's day, we get the secret to a long and healthy marriage from a gaithersburg couple that has been married 62 years. meet the mckenna's coming up. >>> let me start with a quick public service announcement for all the gentleman out there. today is valentine's day. do not forget. >> some presidential words of advice on this valentine's day. as for gift suggestions, president obama says go big. >> no advice necessary for one couple in gaithersburg. they have been happily married for 62 years now and our kristin fisher spent the day with him to find out their secret to such a long and loving marriage. >> how much do we love each other? i guess about as much as you can. >> elizabeth and dwayne met in washington back in 1949. >> we met playing tennis. quite taken with her. >> one year later, they got married. liz was a 26-year-old chemist, dwayne an artist. >> i was from south dakota and i was an artist, which wasn't very promising. >> but that artist had found his muse. each year he gave her a handmade valentine and liz saved every one. from the first 62 years ago to the last, g
, a few sprinkles but not a bad valentine evening. much more on how the rest of the week shapes up coming up. >>> happening right now, bge crews are working to fix a gas main break that left hundreds without service. sheryl con ner joins us with the -- cheryl con ner joins us with the latest. >> reporter: have been out here for hours. the damage to that gas main happened around 3:30 this morning. a crew was making repairs to a city water main at the time of the damage. the damage caused water to get into the gas line, so service was shut off to more than 900 homes and businesses in the area. joining us is the department of public works. tell us the mess it created around 3:30 this morning. >> usually we switch away and things are straightforward. we can zig up deeing -- dig up the line. something struck the line, and what we have right now is the hear has been made safe because of bge working with it. by the way, there have been a lot of agency, police, fire, emergency management all working together to make sure this goes off safely. so the hole is safe. we're in there now and will be re
stories are ahead. it's valentine's day. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. do you need an umbrella tonight? now over to meteorologist lynette charles. >> we look to maryland's most powerful radar and it looks active out there this morning. but you know, we are dealing with not so much and in manchester we have a mixture here but after talking to walter he says that he nothing touching the ground and the air is too dry. going towards the east, around rising sun port deposit in elkton once again, spoke to pam on facebook and she said nothing is happening around cecil county so thanks for that information again. that air is too dry to be reaching the ground and evaporating before it gets there many we pulled out as we slide down across the eastern shore and we look like rain burks not a lot. maybe a couple sprinkles all in all we will pretty much stay dry through the morning couple flurries and couple sprinkles temperatures above the freezing degree point and to chestertown coming in around 34 degrees. and that's why we are seeing that we do have the rain across the easter
bridge and a stretch of highway 130 closed. >> happy valentine's day, everybody, tuesday, february 14. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. >>> vallejo police are trying to learn what led to a shooting that put several people in the hospital. a little girl was the victim of a running gun battle on a nail salon at 1800 block of springs road. gil diaz reports. >>> reporter: good morning. a sergeant on the premises said there are five victims all of them in stable condition except for that little girl, she is in critical but stable condition. it happened right here at tina's nails. it ganged began around 7:00. a man was going after a customer but shot anyone who was in the store at the time. the gunman left the store but the intended victim, one of her friends also a man, went after the gunman and started shooting back at him. that's how neighboring businesses got caught in the crossfire. the three victims were in the nail salon, rushed to the hospital. but apparently, there were more victims. >> contemporaneous to the crime we had additional folks show up at
problems. >>> still ahead tonight, a valentine's day boycott of hershey's. we'll tell you what happened at one school that's prompting the national protest. >>> a lot of people making last-minute plans. others spent the night at an un-valentine's party. wendy rieger has our report. >>> plus, we continue to follow [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. >>> some kids in cincinnati are getting paid to go to class. seniors at a charter school there will be awarded with a $25 gift card each week that they have good attendance and stay out of trouble. underclass kids can earn a $10 gift card. on top of that, $5 will also go into a savings account that the students can cash in when they graduate. the money comes from t
the trial, followed gail pennybacker on twitter. >> in a symbolic valentine's day act, a gay couple submitted a application for marriage and fairfax. at the same time, dozens of religious groups in support of gay marriage gathered outside of the courthouse. >> we really think that virginia's time is coming. we wanted documentation. we are the first people in fairfax to do this. we want to virginia to know it is for all lovers, not just for some. >> a gay couple in arlington was also denied a marriage license this afternoon. some lawmakers are working to reverse the ban on same-sex marriage. >> it is reported council members got into a heated exchange about pop rigid hospital funding. barry was accused of only protecting his friends jobs. the two began swearing at each other. other council members got to the two men to come down. >> things heated up around town as well as we got a valentine's day warm-up. >> it actually got it of the 50 degrees around here. doug hill has the first check of the forecast. >> happy valentine's day. we have a few changes day to day going forward. right n
>>> good morning. it is 4:25 on this tuesday, february 14th. happy valentine's day, everyone. it is a chilly start to your valentine's day. hopefully, you can get things to warm up today. i'm sarah simmons. >> as you get out and get the rest of your items for valentine's day. >> right. >> good morning. i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. good morning to tucker barnes. happy valentine's day. >> wisdom, same to you. do we do that? >> i guess we can do that to everyone. >> happy valentine's day, everyone. could be a frozen mix off to the north and west, maybe few snow pellets. no reports of any of this touching the ground. little possible you could encounter a light snow shower if you are well north and west of the city. up toward haggerstowns and southern pennsylvania, it is possible there could be a light wintry mix there. at reagan national, it is currently 39 degrees. humidity, 67%. winds are out of the south at five miles per hour. looking at the forecast for today, lots of clouds around. could be a shower around here later today with high temperatures in the
as we head toward your valentine's day tuesday night. >>> mobile news and weather offerings. you can check out our growing list of apps and the growing weather team, live cameras in the palm of your hand. you can search for wmar in itunes. >>> tonight the owner of a cab company has made security changes like the ones you have seen in big cities. his overnight signs visor was stabbed by a customer. the cabby will make it but the search is on to find the suspect. >> here is more on this investigation. >> reporter: this abc taxicab is now part of a police investigation. the owner of the company is back in the office working on security upgrades after the lead driver was stabbed. >> he was on the radio trying to tell him he had been robnd and stabbed and he wanted him to call me. >> deputies say the 53-year-old was asked to take a man to fountain green road in bellaire. it was a quick trip, just five minutes away from the pickup site. >> a taxicab driver that had been stabbed by a fare that he picked up in the 1600 block of chester way. the individual had demanded money. >> donnelly was
. >> not a lot of mess involved here and i like that. >>> and a valentine's day proposal as a clever guy gets his girlfriend to look under the cushion. >> i don't think so, honey. >> what she really meant to say was, yes. >>> we're getting started today with some video that i want to warn you is quite graphic. guys, this actually came from a taser gun of police officers in a shelbiville, kentucky. officers frank willoughby and suzanne mark many emare responding to a call that someone broke into a home with a lead pipe. this all happened november 19th. this video was just released because it was a key piece of evidence in a grand jury hearing over whether or not these officers would be charged with excessive force. they're approaching a bathroom door, and you can hear chanting sndcrming. >> the person who is chanting is 18-year-old trey williams. they're nervous this man still has this lead pipe in his hand. >> get down! >> and the clicking sound you're hearing. that, of course, is officers deploying their tasers. >> so the video we're seeing is actually from a camera mounted on the taser gun itse
stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> will the rain put a damper on valentine's day? nothing >> could put a damper on valentine's day -- nothing to put a damper on valentine's day. you will not like my graphic. >> i know that. >> i like it so i will show it again. here is again, the valentine's day graphic. yay! it has taken on a life of its own. you have to give the people want. 45 to 50 degrees for the high temperature. >> i will make you a valentine with a doily, just for you. let's check the roads. we have some debris on the key bridge that is blocking the left lane. we have a car fire in anne arundel county. 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. 10 minutes to travel south on 95 down towards 32. this is 95 at the fort mchenry. southbound traffic looks pretty good at the moment. take either to avoid the key bridge. we do have a closure in the inner loop of the key bridge. keep left and you should be ok to get across. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a deadly shooting in north baltimore has city police looking for answers this morning. the family dollars st
to valentine's day ritual. same sex marriage supporters trying to make a point end up in handcuffs. here is the frustration at the root of the confrontation. >> reporter: hearts and -- annual valentine's day protest [ music ] >> reporter: a protest a week after the 9th circuit court of appeals cited with them, the day after washington state made same sex marriage legal. >> momentum is on our side. time is on our side. >> we'll have to repeat them until this day is listed. >> you will be subject to arrest. >> deputies briefly retained eight people. they got plastic -- instead of of -- [ music ] >> later san francisco's game. -- >> celebrating 50 years of that balance. there were many -- >> that i have my heart in san francisco and i can't get married in the city that i'm from. >> they plan to return every valentine's day until same sex marriage is legal. ktvu channel 2 news. >> valentine's party at oakland city hall in celebration of over turning proposition is winding down at this hour. the party was hosted mayor. she called the court ruling a perfect valentine gift for the community. co
. >> it is gorgeous for this valentine's day coming our way. lots of sunshine, yeah. frank's giving me thumbs up. great out there today as we'll see some dry weather outside. still we are starting out with patchy, dense fog in the valleys early on. a few high clouds overhead. temperatures a little chilly. 38 degrees in concord now. 36 in santa rosa and 37 degrees with that fog in livermore. by the afternoon, you know, yesterday we had highs only in the 50s. very cold and that wind was whipping around the bay area. today we are going to be a good five to seven degrees above yesterday's highs so we're heading in the upward direction, temperatures in the 60s in some parts of the bay area and looking out over the next couple of days we have a weak system sliding through late tonight, early tomorrow morning. a slight chance of some showers with that with some partly cloudy skies. warmer weather though toward thursday and friday. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks, lawrence. i still like frank's term. what did you describe yesterday? >> pewy. >> is that an official word
of a sign of sunshine on this valentine's day, but some change may be on the rate. >> i do not have the most romantic forecast for you on valentine's day. some upper level energy moving overhead. if that is romantic, then there you go. that could trigger a sprinkled later today. we are not seeing much of the sun, but we have some low and middle clouds overhead. we are seeing some breakthroughs locally. but they will fell back in this afternoon. 44 leesburg, a slight chance of a sprinkle later on today especially north of the metro. more in the extended forecast coming up. >> whitney houston's body back in new jersey today where she grew up. local mourner's created an impromptu vigil for this evening sensation. -- the singing sensation. the funeral will take place this weekend and four more come here is j. win big with the story. -- for more, here is jay. >> her body flown back overnight from los angeles. bobbi kristina and bobby brown plume back east had of her body. they are planning a final family funeral. >> saturday at new hope baptist church. >> this is where it all started. this is her
be more rain in the future but will it be enough rain to break your heart on this valentine's day. let's check in with wyatt everhart. >>> i think love is still in the air. yes, the chance for some rain showers. we're tracking some have those. as we take a closer look, you can see a lot of this around the baltimore area, but it will be clearing out in the text 25 minutes. some showers overspreading cecil county. the more significant weather is well north of maryland. that's up in western pennsylvania. so here's where the real heartbreak s50 in baltimore. 50 in easton. obviously any showers will be the liquid variety. we thought things would cool off. 40s, a few sprinkles, cool and breezy. how will the weekend look for all the love birds out there. we answer that coming up. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. >>> tonight montgomery county police have released interrogation video of a woman lying about the day she murdered a coworker. >> reporter: this is something to see. we are looking at surveillance video and it shows what employees next door did and didn't do when they heard the struggle. want
>>> happy valentine's day. thanks for joining us. i'm. yeardley love suffered the night she died. her ex-boyfriend is tried in charlottesville for the murder. we are outside the courthouse with more information. bruce. >> reporter: yeah. it's a little tough to sit through but the prosecutors need to prove to the jurors exactly how yeardley love died so they brought in a neuro pathologist. a woman, a doctor from bc -- vcu named christine fuller. what she found was a lot of small bruises and bleeding all over the young woman's brain. she describe bruises in the middle cranial fossa over the temples on either side of yeardley love's head. she said they were consistent with either a fall from a height or a punch to the head particularly a punch into a wall or into the floor. but she said those injuries were not bad enough to kill the uva lacrosse player. she also described bruising and bleeding in love's brain stem. that is the area of the brain that controls your breathing and your heart beat. she described them as torque or twisting injuries. caused by a sudden acceleration or dece
a valentine's day tradition is just getting underway. here are live pictures of the pillow fight flash mob and there are hundreds of people taking part once again this year. this happens every year at 6 p.m. on valentine's day at justin herman plaza. this is 7th year it's happened. the city said the department of public works is all geared up to deal with the feathery fall out once it's over. everybody having a good time at the pillow fight on valentine's day at justin herman plaza. >>> also in san francisco, a different way to celebrate valentine's day. want to show you a live picture, well we just talked about that story. let's get to another story here. it's a yearly valentine's day protest that led to arrests at the city hall this morning. . >> after supporters were turned down for marriage licenses, 9 group held a sit in at the city clerk's office. police eventually moved in to arrest them. it was a week ago that an appeals court found a ban on same sex marriage uncongressional. >> mylar balloons blamed for a pair of power outrages, one happened near foothill in oakland at about 10
, valentine's day on "right this minute." it's time to get today's show started and steven has a horrifying video for us and the story behind it. >> a dude got kicked out of a pub in england for smoking cigarettes. people didn't like it. he came back to the pub 15 minutes later, because he was angry about being kicked out. that's where we pick up in this surveillance video outside of the endike pub in hall, england. and we see the man, mr. dean denien appear at the top of the screen. and he made quite a buzz upon his return to the endike pub, because dean denien returned with a chain saw. look at him. he's swinging this chain saw around at people. denien injured one man during this chain saw melee. he cut into a guy's arm, severing a tendon. needed 21 stitches. the patrons inside the pub beginning fighting back, throwing chairs at him. when they go outside, there is even a guy throwing a beer keg. these pub-goers eventually subdued denien. >> what in the world can you possibly do if someone walks into a place carrying a chain saw and starts attacking people? >> run. >> he was, in fact, unde
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there is no major effort under way in legislature yet a rally in fairfax is scheduled this valentines day, people of faith for equality in virginia is planning to voice support for gay marriage outside the fairfax county courthouse. meantime new jersey state senate, passed a bill to recognize same-sex marriages, despite a veto by chris christy that same measure failed to pass the senate there two years ago in washington state gay marriage supporters are celebrating, same-sex marriage was signed into law monday gay and lesbian couples can begin tieing the knot june 7th opponents are trying to gather enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot in november. >>> even our governor feels that if it is to be put to public vote, people in the state are going to say yes. so, they can try to gather signatures, go ahead but i don't think they will get far. >> she is betraying her faith terribly, horribly i don't think she can call herself a catholic. >> marriage is between one man and one woman, home sexuality is something god doesn't approve of and so therefore, i better stand up for my faith >> amen
up, our annual valentine's. feet are our robert >> as of right now it is not a criminal investigation. >>pam: beverly hills police reaffirming that there's no suspicion of foul play in the that the whitney houston. the case has been sealed pending the release of the coroner's report. some new details and did the merger to date. grant lodes is here with more. >>craig: first, news happening right now, this was the scene a few minutes ago outside of the funeral hall in newark and new jersey. the singer was found dead in her room at the beverly hilton hotel late saturday afternoon. we do not know why she died, but we have a much clearer picture of what happened immediately before and after her desk. she was in a room on the fourth floor of a luxury hotel on wilshire boulevard. about 3:00 p.m. on saturday, she said she is going to take a bath. >> about a half an hour later, her hair dresser knocked on the door to let her know it was time to start getting ready. when she did not answer, she entered the room and found the superstar face up in her bathtub. they frantically tried to revive her
valentine's day i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. happy volume entine's day. what's -- valentine's day. what's in store weather wise will it be cool or warmer? lynette charles has a look at the forecast. >> i tell you. let mow say happy valentine's day to everybody. let me tell you what's going on, we have light snow and rain that it looks like but it's not coming down. so hard and i will explain that in second. we have a return of the above temperatures as we go into the afternoon. and then we will have another dose of unsettled weather and then the weekend outlook, rain or snow. that's the question. so we had maryland's most powerful radar. let's start out with what's going on. you can see to the north. that's where the bulk of the snow is coming down across the area. we can zoom in around tawnytown and you see a mix of rain and snow but again, not a lot of this is hitting the ground. so maybe a couple flurries and sprinkles with this. more of the same over to towson and you can see this back in wood lawn and baltimore and forth off to the east around perry hall and kingsville
happened. -- at the time of love's death. >> who gets the most valentine's day cards? and also, gifts or pets. >> an emotional standpoint. >> as thousands mourn the death of whitney houston, details about her much talked about funeral are made public. how loved ones are planning to memorialize the singer. >> rain and snow moving away from maryland, but there is more stormy weather in the forecast, coming up. right now, 44 at the airport and 48 downtown. >> the family of houston today announced plans for private memorial service for the singer. it was originally thought a large scale more it would be held in the singer's hometown of newark, but it will be a private ceremony at the same church where houston first sang as a child. >> at this time, this is their private time. they have shared her for 30 something years. >> a longtime family friend will deliver the eulogy. >> a baltimore couple whose love was literally against the law when they met and had a child back in the 1950's. more than five decades later, they want something from the state. barry simms explains. >> picture early re
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of sprinkles. iesty for the cheese weather valentine's graphic? i will show it all morning and over again. 45 to 50. >> and you made yourself. >> that is right. we will look to the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> i have no idea what that was. that graphic was scary. perring parkway, we have an accident they could be causing some delays. in bel air, an accident every 24. a car fire in oral at more danza -- in laurel at morganza. this is baltimore national pike on the west side. this is 83 at york road. we continue to move well. we will update you when delays start to crop up. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story, the budget battle has begun. president obama has delivered his 2013 budget to congress yesterday. >> kate amara is live with more. good morning. >> good morning. members of the administration are heading to capitol hill this morning to defend the strategy. a special delivery for congress. president obama's federal budget arrived on capitol hill on monday. the blueprint for 2013 -- spend more on education and transportation. >> at a time when
at welcome back. 5:09. looking at traffic and weather. happy valentine's day. adam caskey is wearing her and necktie. >> looking festive. decker?e on valentine's day? it is not halloween. most of this is evaporating before it hits the ground a snow showers and west of the metro to start the day. sprinkles later this afternoon. 39 in the district, 35 at dulles airport, at the freezing mark in and boston's board. 40 in lexington park. cloudy today with a precipitation here and there. northbound 95, we are seeing our neighbors hit the , the ability to get up to the occoquan. lorton and springfield running at a good pace. but we see more headlights in , headlights are northbound on the left. we are comfortable on 95 in maryland. no troubles between washington baltimore. on the george washington parkway. suitland parkway is quiet for commuters. back to you. >> thank you. metro is under fire for spending tens of millions of on outside consultants. the examiner reported yesterday agency spentsit nearly $62 million on consultants. passengers say that is too much considering the tr
in. so we'll have our banners. we're going to be handing out valentine's to people. this is a reverent demonstration. >> reporter: same-sex marriage is banned by the virginia constitution now. a "washington post" poll last summer showed 43% of virginians opposed to same-sex marriage. 47% in favor. >> the scales are tipping. we just don't want virginia to be the last of all the states to recognize marriage equality. the scales are really tipping all over the country. >> reporter: gary nurenberg, 9news now. >> virginia amended the constitution in 2006 to ban same-sex marriage. they won't get the license but they hope to draw some attention on valentine's day with their courthouse demonstrations. >>> today the virginia house of delegates is scheduled to cast a final vote on two bills which have for-choice supporters upset. the first the controversial personhood bill which defines human life as starting at conception. it provides all unborn children the same rights and privileges available to all others in virginia. the second would require all women seeking an abortion
looks for all body types. >> sometimes a guy wants to feel pretty. >> just in time for valentine's day. that's right. meantime, let's make a little turn to go inside. >> people will be watching "dateline" in a whole new way. >> let's go inside for a check of the news with tamron in for natalie this morning. >> good morning. new details in the murder-suicide of josh powell and his two young sons. powell told his 7-year-old son charlie that he had a, quote, big surprise for him just before attacking him and setting the house on fire. this according to the social worker sent to supervise powell's visit with the boy. she said she heard the younger boy, braden, crying as she was blocked from entering the home. overnight, officials said a computer in powell's home was found to have pornographic images that led a psychologist to recommend that he undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation. >>> outrage from jewish organizations and other groups as the marine corps said it doesn't plan to discipline marine snipers seen posing in afghanistan with a lo go similar to one used by the nazi party during worl
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't know, it is valentine's day. what you need to know, how local businesses are handling the big rush on this day of love. that story next. >>> and will this mild valentine's weather stick around? bob has the updated forecast. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967 i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of proteion, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. >>> spring training starts in less than a week. and you know it's been a long time since the oriole his a winning season. and long line of general managers have tried to change that. sports director mark viviano checks in with the latest man to try that. >> i
it is tuesday, february 14th, valentines day, happy valentines day to you and you i am tony perkins. >> you as well i am allison seymour. tucker barnes standing by he has the valentines spirit although tony does not >> i forgot to wear red i'm sorry. >> allison i don't know what to say about this. >> didn't get the hem row. >> let's get to it, a few light sprinkles, temperatures much warmer than yesterday, upper 30s low 40s. anything that falls will be in the form of light sprinkles. sentinel sat rad lots of clouds, to be honest most of this is not touching the ground we have a very dry atmosphere as it falls through it is evaporating you might see a sprinkle if it is well off north and west, a few snow flurries, clouds and relatively mild temperatures highs suspected upper 40s to 50. 38 washington we are cool out there, 33 dulles, 37 fredericksburg and let's see, 39 ocean city most of the area, still freezing and notably warmer than we were 24 hours ago when we were still in the teens and low 20s. lots of clouds we will go high temperature 50 degrees washington a few degrees above normal,
-c-lu... and in light of yesterday's decision.. this lawsuit against police will now move forward. they love valentine's day, but they alsoolove making payroll. candy shops are a huge part of the billion dollar business that is valentine's day. day. joel d. smith is live at wockenfuss homemade candies in northeast baltimore with the people who want to make yourrday, by making chocolate right now. good morning joel d. good morning paarice. 3 3 we want to know what you're doing for valentine's's our question of the day.we'll be taking your calls in our 7 o'clock hour. you can also go to fox-baltimoreedot com and tell us what you think... sound off through facebooo... or senddus a tweet at foxbaltimore. happy valentine's day to sean and cathryn... who are just months away from getting married!congrats, you two. and thanks to stacie and glen for sendind us thhs photo. today they're celebraaing their 11th valentine's day together... with their 2 children... noah and lillianna. lillianna.if you want to share your love with the rest of baltimore.. send a photo of you and your sweetie
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's valentine's day and we will return above average temperatures through today. throughout the week, and then we will get another dose of unsettled weather and the weekend outlook rain or snow is the big question. but here we go on maryland's most powerful radar as of now. we can see some snow into northern harford county as of now and back into western maryland. but most of the action coming down the further off to the north that you go. so, we are not getting a whole lot of snow this morning. the air is too dry and i will detail that later. right now it's cold out there. bundle up as you head out and b let's he check the traffic good morning. yesterday, things were happening a little early. what about today. >> reporter: yesterday we were busy at the top of the newscast and, of course, this morning things are pretty much normal for the most part. we had an overnight accident a half-hour ago on northbound 95. but police say they are clearing that out of the way. it was northbound 95 between washington boulevard and russell street. here's what you will find on most of other key rout
of not just one man, but his two young sons as well. the last words he communicated, next. >> valentine's day is just around the corner. not sure what to get? maybe some exqui [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. here's a better idea... pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits. in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy. >> good morning. we are back with a live view from the skycam. a chilly start to the day, but at least it will warm up. first, we are doing some fine dining this morning. we're getting ready for valentine's day and give you some ideas of what you can do to celebrate the holiday. i m here with 11 courses. it is a private catering company. they also offer a variety of classes. >> this would be for the wine and travel class. we started this for 2012. we have a class coming
on the beltway. everyone is probably pulling off to pick up their last-minute valentine gift. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> the bottom line is a few rain showers. you know, i get that on valentine's day every so often, a few rain showers but not much. in fact, most of the so-called heartbreaking weather is well north of us in western pennsylvania. i hear the grown -- groans. the good news is temperature wise we're seeing basically not much, mid-50s, now falling to the upper 40s so not all that frigid. any showers that you do experience will be liquid rain showers. no chance for wintry weather, no sleek roads but enough to bring your umbrella along because you don't want your sweetheart to get hit by a shower. we'll talk about how the weekend shapes up. >>> we have ran update on a parking garage attendant who was killed after falling from an automatic lift. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine exactly what caused this man's depghts. they said the state of the arts parking system at the palisades parking system was a great system. however, they're trying
62 yearings of marriage this valentine's day. topper. >> i bet laughter has something to do with it. we'll take you out with the almanac. 56 and 37 goes in the books. another night above freezing downtown. average is 45 and 29. record 73. record low 4. we'll come back and talk about another storm on thursday and perhaps a winter storm over the weekend. >>> but first, a change of heart from whitney houston's family on final arrangements for the singer. the new details. we'll share them next. ♪we want to say thank you ♪ we want to say thank you >> yes, that is the queen of south, aretha franklin took time during a performance in charlotte to pay tribute to her god daughter, whitney houston. today, houston's family announced it will not be holding a public memorial service afterall. instead, an invitation only funeral is set for noon saturday at her childhood church in new jersey. houston died saturday at a hotel in los angeles. as we know, her cause of death is still under investigation. >>> in the past, we've received a lot of calls when the old guard has done its cannon fire dr
you go, you're like. >> hitting your head every day. happy valentine's day to you. >> you too, bill. >> off to a decent start. a little bit of rain, a little shaking this morning. a couple earthquakes in mexico. actually, in san diego some people were feeling it. yuma, arizona, some people reporting they felt the earthquake too. we woke up to that maybe in a few cases. slight rain showers moving through with this weak storm system. we are getting a little bit of snow in the rim country just north of arizona, just north of phoenix, i should say. it will progressively move east during the day today and move out. also, you can see this next little front kicking into the northwest here. that's going to bring light rain to the coastal areas, primarily in the pacific northwest. some showers around seattle and portland. it won't be a soaking. temperatures are cool. it's not often we show the radar in san diego. it looks like at batch of showers are coming onshore. if you're traveling interstate 8, if you keep going up here to the mountains to the north of you, looks like a little snow bein
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